A seasoned, institutional investment research team...that works for you.


Almanack offers asset management and consulting services for a select number of institutional investors. With Almanack, you gain access to the investment solutions Wall Street has historically only made available to the largest institutional investors. We are committed to bringing these opportunities to a broader audience.


Asset Allocation Design & Monitoring

Construct an asset allocation customized to the Investor’s unique. Ongoing monitoring of its risk, performance and provide benchmarking analysis at both the portfolio and manager level.

Manager Evaluation & Selection

Selection or evaluation of proposed managers and fund fulfillment options. Due diligence reviews and ongoing monitoring of managers, due diligence reports and develop benchmarks to evaluate performance and risk.


Overlay Investments

Overlay strategy options for enhancing yield of the portfolio and help manage the liquidity needs of these strategies.


Currency & Risk Hedging

Oversee or execute hedging needs related to both assets and the currency exposure of the portfolio.

Trading, Rebalancing & Liquidity

Administration of the execution of the portfolio allocation. Coordination and trading of portfolios in line with the investor’s direction and asset allocation across multiple custodians and managers. Analysis of potential fee breaks and cost savings.



Preparation of education or analysis on investment topics requested by the Investor.