The Almanack Family Office Credo


As an independent multi-family office, Almanack structures and delivers efficiency and objectivity not available at private banks. In each customized relationship, we partner with clients to build their own family office solution. Almanack is more than a financial service, it is a fiduciary partner that can adapt and solve for virtually any capital market need.



Single Family Office


  • Dedicated high touch support

  • Customized and objective investment program (e.g. tailored allocation, direct investments)

  • Flexible and unconflicted access to best managers, experts and specialists.


  • Difficult to attract and retain top-tier talent

  • Limited access to research, opportunities and new ideas

  • Cost prohibitive


Almanack Family Office

The Almanack Difference

  • Superior service empowered by client concentration.

  • Customization empowered by authentic objectivity.

  • Creativity empowered by the flexibility to seek unique solutions.

  • Portfolio and risk management insights empowered by a seasoned institutional investment team.


Private Bank


  • Ability to attract high quality investment team.

  • Access to both established and thought leaders.

  • Provide access to a variety of leverage and hedging tools.


  • Conflicts abound (i.e. internal product bias)

  • Organizational pressure to realize economies of scale at odds with creative, customized solutions.

  • Inflexible, one-size-fits-all sub-par reporting.

Advanced Multi-Generation Planning

Investment policy and estate design with performance and goal-tracking across successive generations. 

CIO Services

Holistic portfolio oversight, allocation optimization, due diligence and performance monitoring.

Holistic and Customizable Financial Reporting

Consolidated cross-balance sheet reporting, including private assets, visible within a single portal and customized to each family preference for detail and bucketing.

Total Balance Sheet Optimization

Liability optimization management incorporating the entire asset base of the family spanning traditional and non-traditional lenders.

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Lifestyle Services

Bookkeeping & tax return facilitation, secure document organization & storage, family communication, next-generation education…and whatever else makes sense.

Merchant Banking Services

Unique access to both private and public deal flow leveraging a network of syndicate participants. Advisory services related to mergers and takeovers. Project Counseling. Loan Syndication