The future of investing made accessible today.

Almanack manages a suite of investment solutions designed to serve as unique building blocks to protect and grow your portfolio.  Our solutions, ranging from ETF model strategies to separately managed accounts, share a disciplined institutional approach to risk management and enhanced diversification.  Our strategies offer transparency, daily liquidity and an emphasis on low fees and tax efficiency.

THE almanack difference


Investments that perform when times are good are well known.  But what about during recessions and economic downturns? Almanack offers strategies engineered to perform during all stages of the business cycle, not just the good times.  We combine a fundamental understanding of global markets, insights from a host of  leading institutional managers and an advanced risk management framework to profit from global economic developments, good or bad.

Enlightened Risk management

Every asset class has unique market conditions (we call them macro risk sensitivities) where they languish.  Properly executed, diversification reduces risk by neutralizing the market vulnerabilities of some holdings with the offsetting strengths of others.  Sadly, many investors confuse holding hundreds or even thousands of positions with "effective diversification".  Having more positions does not always lead to portfolio risk reduction.  Instead of diversifying, many are unintentionally magnifying the same market risks shared by many similar positions. Diversification means managing risk. Understanding a portfolio's shared vulnerabilities is the key to safeguarding it.  We use advanced institutional risk management tools and techniques to measure and mitigate risk within our strategies and effectively diversify.

global multi-asset opportunities

The global market place is rarely without opportunity.  That's because the same market conditions creating headwinds for one group of investments often translate into tailwinds for others.  We invest globally and across asset classes (e.g. stocks, bonds, real assets, commodities and currencies) in order to profit from the broadest set of global opportunities.  The proliferation of ETFs have made accessing these opportunities easier and more affordable than ever.