A seasoned, institutional investment research team...that works for you.

the almanack adviser platform

powerful portfolio insights

Our team has experience delivering advanced risk and performance analysis for multi-billion dollar institutions and portfolios. Now, Almanack offers these same portfolio analytics and tools to our adviser platform clients.  Using these insights, we empower advisers to acquire new clients while enhancing their value to existing ones.

Unique investment solutionS

When it comes to portfolio construction, most advisers struggle to stand out.  We are proud to offer a suite of solutions that historically have been available to only a small group of large institutional investors.  We help our advisers create portfolios engineered to preserve capital, perform at all stages of the business cycle, and source multiple drivers of growth (beyond just U.S. or global equities).

market commentary & investor Education

We know that having access to unique portfolio analysis and solutions is only half the battle.  Your clients need the confidence that comes from understanding.  We offer advisers on-going investment research, market commentary, strategy updates, and portfolio educational materials to keep your clients engaged and informed.


unparalleled back office support

We streamline your back office needs, so you can spend more time growing and serving your clients.  Our adviser support system includes access to trading and portfolio execution services, compliance, marketing collateral, client communication support, and access to industry leading multi-custodian, multi-account performance reporting.